Architectural, Design and Engineering:
We work with an outside architect, designer, or engineer to provide you with everything from the initial consultation through the final walkthrough. Throughout the process Simms Custom Construction, Inc. provides knowledge and expertise in every facet of the project, including “Green Building”.   


Initial Consultation:
Scope and objectives are clarified first.  We know this is the realization of your dream; your home.  Owner Andy Simms takes the time to carefully discuss your objectives, consider the best possibilities and review any plans or conceptual drawings with you to better understand your goals. Our experience has shown that projects including a contractor at the beginning stages insure more trust, mutual understanding, and more control of decisions.

Project Development Agreement:
The Project Development Agreement phase comes next for projects where Simms Custom Construction, Inc. manages both the design and construction aspects of the project. At this stage you work closely with Andy and an architect or designer to come up with preliminary plans and budget.  We will clarify the scope and detail of construction in clear, concise language. A final contract is then presented for your review and approval.

Pre-Construction Walk Through:
Before construction begins you meet on site with Andy and the production manager to discuss the specifics of the project. All the many details of your job will be discussed.

During the construction phase you work closely with the production manager. On-site meetings are scheduled throughout the process. Our team is polite, attentive and highly skilled; sensitive to the experience of having people work in your home.

Final Walkthrough:
We will review every detail of your project.  We give each project the same high level of attention with an emphasis on our customers’ needs.  Our warranty is comprehensive and our clients know that we stand by our work.


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